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I have had the honor to speak, consult and design for brands all over the nation.




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I specialize in bringing energy to an event. I have over a decade of experience as a rural-focused family medicine physician in both the traditional fee for service and Direct Primary Care models and this allows me to bring a perspective centered in the the unmatched power of primary care. I also have been featured on the national stage as Emcee of the Hint Summit on Direct Primary Care in 2021, 2022 as well as the Health Rosetta Summit in 2022 and their RosettaFest 2023. I have also moderated panels of physicians at the DPC Summit co-sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians since 2021. I specialize in highlighting the story of both patients and physicians and weaving a presentation around those stories. After all, our stories are what bring us together. 

On my podcast, My DPC Story, I interview DPC physician or a DPC practice weekly to ask how each physician found themselves in the situation they were in prior to starting their own practice, how they managed to open and about their tips on success as physicians, entrepreneurs, CEOs and more. By the beginning of season 2, the My DPC Story podcast had reached #89 on the US Medicine charts on Apple Podcasts. By the end of season 3, the podcast had over 155K listens on Apple Podcasts alone (only a portion of our listenership).

Disrupt Outpatient Healthcare with Direct Primary Care with Dr Maryal Concepcion - PGD

Disrupt Outpatient Healthcare with Direct Primary Care with Dr Maryal Concepcion - PGD

What the heck is direct primary care? Or direct care since other specialties are adopting this model. It is a subscription service that gives you access to your doctor whenever you want it. It is disruptive! Sometimes. So we talk to Dr. Maryal Concepcion about her practice, her podcast, why she chose to stop billing insurance companies and give patients access to her 24/7. We also talk about what happens when a patient abuses this service, which patients tend to be interested, and why earlier that day, a weekday, she wasn’t even in the office! Dr. Concepcion is the host of MY DPC Story, where she interviews physicians on their direct care, not always primary care, journey. She went to Creighton Med School, completed Velley Family Medicine residency in Modesto, CA, and then moved to rural Northern California. She started working in the corporate model before starting her direct primary care practice, for which she is clearly an evangelist. This is a podcast that answers the question, “what should we have been learning while we were memorizing Kreb’s cycle?” This is a practical guide for practicing physicians and other healthcare practitioners looking to improve in any and all aspects of our lives and practices. For more Physician's Guide to Doctoring, visit: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google Podcasts: .... #physician #podcast #doctor #medical #medicine #podcasting #directprimarycare #directcare #privateclinic #healthcarecommunity #healthcare #personaldoctor #gp #generalpracticioner #careinmedicine
Avoid Burnout: Dr. Clodagh Ryan's DPC Journey & Work-Life Harmony

Avoid Burnout: Dr. Clodagh Ryan's DPC Journey & Work-Life Harmony

"In this transformative episode of ""My DPC Story,"" we delve into the heart of Direct Primary Care through the eyes of Dr. Clotha Ryan. Her unique journey from a family farm in Ireland to launching her DPC practice in the United States embodies the essence of dedicated physicians yearning for a more comprehensive healthcare model. Discover how Dr. Ryan's passion for medicine, influenced by familial roots and the storytelling of her ancestors, propelled her into the realm of Direct Primary Care, where patient care transcends traditional boundaries. Embark on a narrative-driven exploration of Dr. Ryan's pivotal moments—from her early days on a farm in Ireland to achieving work-life harmony in the U.S. through Direct Primary Care. This episode not only highlights the challenges faced by healthcare professionals but also illuminates the fulfillment and freedom found in the DPC model. Listeners will be captivated by Dr. Ryan's commitment to her patients, her innovative approach to healthcare, and how Direct Primary Care has allowed her to weave her dream of becoming a family medicine physician with her dedication to patient care. Are you ready to be inspired by a healthcare journey that challenges the status quo? Listen to this episode to understand the profound impact of Direct Primary Care on both physicians and patients. For those intrigued by the potential of DPC to transform healthcare, visit [hyperlink] to explore more about the movement and access valuable DPC resources. Don't miss this compelling story of dedication, innovation, and the pursuit of a healthcare model that puts patients first. Register now to listen, support, and be part of the Direct Primary Care revolution. For more episodes and to dive deeper into the world of Direct Primary Care, visit our podcast website. Here, you'll find an array of stories from dedicated physicians like Dr. Ryan, along with comprehensive healthcare insights and DPC resources that promise to enrich your understanding of this transformative model. #Physician #BusinessResources #MedicalStudents #DrRyan #SocializedHealthcare CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Intro 0:55 - Growing up in Ireland: Family Healthcare 6:04 - U.S. Healthcare System: Residency Transition 8:35 - U.S. vs Ireland: Healthcare Expectations 11:47 - Vision for Ideal Patient Care 12:07 - Transition: Private Practice to DPC 17:18 - DPC Transition: Importance of Town Hall Meetings 22:47 - Team Building in Healthcare 27:55 - Streamlining Medical Practice Operations 28:06 - Implementing Business Policies and Workflows 33:58 - In-Office Medication Dispensing 38:14 - Managing Overhead in Healthcare 43:24 - Onboarding New Patients in DPC 49:07 - The Magic of Direct Primary Care (DPC) 51:08 - Emphasizing Preventative Care 53:17 - Music at Funerals: A Unique Service 53:21 - DPC and Telemedicine: Educating Medical Students 55:39 - Developing a Telemedicine Curriculum 59:59 - Dr. O'Reilly's Medical Student Curriculum 1:01:49 - Empowering Medical Students in Healthcare Change 1:07:10 - Spousal Perspectives on Healthcare Career 1:10:38 - Financial Aspects of a Healthcare Career 1:16:03 - Balancing Music and Medicine 1:16:25 - Irish Music: Cultural Significance and Personal Meaning 1:19:00 - Juggling Passions: Music and Medicine 1:23:01 - Advice for Aspiring Medical Professionals 1:26:30 - OUTRO"
DPC: The Lifeline for Overwhelmed Physicians

DPC: The Lifeline for Overwhelmed Physicians

"In this heartening episode of ""My DPC Story,"" dive into the transformative journey of Dr. Christina Dahl and her passionate embrace of Direct Primary Care (DPC) in York, Pennsylvania. Discover how DPC has become the lifeline for overwhelmed physicians seeking to reclaim the essence of patient care. From her initial strides into family medicine to confronting the uncertainties of COVID-19, Dr. Dahl's narrative is a testament to the resilience and dedication of physicians who dare to dream of a more personal, comprehensive healthcare experience. Witness how Direct Primary Care empowers dedicated physicians to deliver healthcare that's deeply rooted in understanding, compassion, and unhurried consultations. Dr. Dahl's story is not just about the struggles and victories of starting a DPC practice; it's a beacon for anyone yearning for a healthcare system that values patient care above all. If you're a physician contemplating the DPC model, a patient longing for a more personal healthcare experience, or simply someone fascinated by the evolving landscape of primary care, this episode is for you. Tune in to be inspired by a narrative that weaves together the challenges of motherhood, the complexities of modern healthcare, and the unwavering commitment to patient-centric care. Let ""My DPC Story"" guide you through the intricacies of Direct Primary Care and its potential to revolutionize healthcare, one doctor, and one patient at a time. For more empowering stories, resources on DPC, and guidance on your own DPC journey, visit our website and join a community that's reshaping the future of healthcare. Together, let's explore the direct path to dedicated, comprehensive patient care. #Pregnancy #Podcast #LifestyleBalance #FinancialSavvy #Mentorship CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Intro 0:45 - COVID-19 Impact on Dr. Dahl 4:53 - Discovering Direct Primary Care (DPC) 6:05 - Overcoming Self-Doubt 9:27 - Winning the Amber Grant 12:28 - Starting a Business Without Financial Expertise 14:22 - Finding & Decorating Your Dream Clinic 21:43 - Utilizing Social Media for Engagement 25:35 - Community Engagement Strategies 28:42 - Participating in Local Events 33:23 - Integrating Lifestyle Medicine 37:18 - Transition to Direct Primary Care Model 39:33 - Understanding Patient Demographics 41:20 - Pediatric Care Expansion 45:38 - Dr. K's Weekly Routine 46:30 - Establishing New Practice Workflows 48:12 - Patient Onboarding Strategies 50:48 - Enhancing Patient Engagement 52:13 - Reflecting on the First 6 Months 57:20 - Reflections on the Medical Journey 59:14 - The Learning Process: See One, Do One, Teach One 1:01:10 - Closing" CONTACT: SOCIALS: IG: @revivaldpc FB: @revivaldpc

Aon Grand Ballroom - Chicago, IL
Emcee, Moderator & Panelist

HINT SUMMIT 2021 - 2023
Emcee & Panelist

DPC SUMMIT 2021 - 2023


Brands I have designed for include: Global Ultrasound Institute, Hint, POMP Academy, Hypnos, The Laceration Course, Big Trees MD, My DPC Story, The DPC Directory, Devoted Family Practice. 

With my experience as a DPC physician and entrepreneur, I specialize in website design, logos, content creation, brand development and community engagement.