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About Me.

A Sacramento native, Dr. Maryal Concepcion (she/her) MD FAAFP is a Filipinx creator and connector. She is a Mom to two young boys and married to Jeremiah, a fellow rural family physician. 


She attended the University of California at Davis where she graduated in 2005 with a double major in Anthropology (BS) and Evolution & Ecology (BA). She earned her MD at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. It was there she discovered her love of rural family medicine. She is the founder and CEO of Big Trees MD, a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic in rural Northern California, and an advocate and national speaker about DPC. 


Her residency training was in the unopposed family medicine program at Doctors Medical Center, Modesto, CA a training extension through the UC Davis Medical School. During her time in training, she returned to rural Superior Nebraska to complete proficiency training in performing colonoscopies as part of her rural family medicine concentration. 


After residency, she moved to Arnold, CA where she worked under the fee-for-service model with her husband in a job share position where they delivered full-scope care for nearly six years. Though grateful for her experience in this role, she was driven to seek a better way of life and a desire to practice insurance-free medicine and that was when she discovered DPC. 


She is the founder and host of the podcast My DPC Story, the award-winning weekly podcast that educates and inspires by featuring DPC and direct care physicians. Find it at and on all major podcasting platforms. 


In September of 2021, she opened Big Trees MD, the first Direct Primary Care in Arnold,  a rural town of 4,000 in the Stanislaus National Forest located in Northern California. Her clinic was created as a micro practice telemedicine and home visit model and after overhead was met, she branched out into renting a brick-and-mortar space for her DPC. 


Her experience with social media comes from running her own socials for the My DPC Story podcast and it is through a strong social presence the podcast has been able to have significant reach in the DPC ecosystem through education, entertainment, and engagement.



Owner and CEO

In September of 2021, I opened Big Trees MD, a Direct Primary Care practice in Calaveras County. I care for my patients through telemedicine and home visits. Care is for all ages and consists of acute care, preventative health, chronic care, psychiatric care, gender inclusive care, contraceptive care, obstetrics, procedural care. 


Podcast Founder and Host

I created the My DPC Story podcast to bring to the airwaves the many DPC physicians who are making DPC happen for their individual communities. In 5/2022 it was ranked as #89 on the Apple Podcasts Medicine chart in the United States. 


Brand Design and Development Consultant

I have been serving as a brand consultant for national companies since being involved in the DPC ecosystem. As a rural family DPC physician, my brand consulting ranges from product design to graphic design to content creation and public relations guidance.


Professional Mentor

Since diving in to the DPC community, I pull from my passion to hear what drives a person and I help guide them in building out their dream future, whether that includes DPC and/or entrepreneurship.

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